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Here is a list of all the latest and past changes to Film Llama in each flavor.


Current release 5.2



  • Ability to create audition sides and share with public
  • Ability to have multiple crew positions set
  • Ability to vouch for other members
  • Ability to manually invite or assign roles
  • Ability to manually invite or assign crew positions
  • Ability for actors to set the age range they can portray
  • Added voiceover support for each role in a project


  • Added ability to publish a video post for your project
  • Added ability to update profile photo
  • Ability to confirm your email address from your profile
  • Added green border to profile images for users who are available for hire
  • Added ability to publish logline
  • Ability to apply for a role or crew position on a film project
  • Ability to create casting calls and publish them for each project
  • Ability to create crew notices and publish them for each project
  • User applications and application messages are now in your profile
  • Added an FAQs page


  • Added ability to update film project photo
  • Added Notifications and Festivals to the main
  • Added ability to invite members to join Film Llama
  • Added an email notification everytime a member likes your post


Current release 5.1


Coming soon!


Current release 5.0


Coming soon!

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