What is Film Llama?

Film Llama is first and foremost a filmmaking community. It's a place to learn filmmaking, to make friends, and to showcase your work. It's also a place to find a job, hire other filmmakers, and make some money!

What sets Film Llama apart from other filmmaking sites?

Film Llama mixes social interaction with other filmmakers with tools for filmmaking. Some sites allow you to communicate with other filmmakers but do not have the infrastructure to have you both work together.

Is Film Llama free?

Film Llama will always offer a FREE tier. There are options to upgrade your account to have more features. Check them out on the pricing page.

What level of filmmaker is Film Llama geared toward?

Film Llama was meant for all filmmaking levels - from aspiring filmmaker to seasoned filmmakers.

Can I get hired onto a film set by "just joining"?

Absolutely! When casting directors and producer create casting calls and crew notices on Film Llama, we 'automatically' notify all actors and crew members that fit the criteria. You can then immediately apply for that job, or wait for the next opportunity.

How does Film Llama match me for crew positions and acting roles

When you fill out your profile, you indicate which position you want to get hired for: actor, director, 1st AD, PA, etc. When casting directors and directors publish their casting calls and crew notices, we pull up every profile that matches every criteria specified in the notice - only matches are contacted.

What if I am not looking to get hired, will I still be contacted if I match against a casting call or crew notice?

Nope! In your profile, there is a toggle switch named For Hire. Toggle it off and you won't be notified.

How can I make money on Film Llama?

At this time, there are 2 ways: 1) get hired for a paying role or crew position 2) list a film location that you control and rent out to other filmmakers.

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